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Croatian company to supply tramcars to Liepaja for 8.83 mln

BC, Riga, 07.11.2018.Print version
Croatian company Koncar-Electric Vehicle Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply new tramcars to the southwestern Latvian city of Liepaja for 8,836,800 euros (excluding VAT), informs LETA referring to information provided by Liepajas Tramvajs municipal tramline operator.

The supplier of the tramcars has been chosen in a negotiation procedure. The contract has been awarded to the economically most feasible bid, based on the price and quality standards.

Of the three bidders that took part in the tender, Lithuania’s Railvec UAB was eliminated as unsuitable. Further negotiations were held with two candidates – Croatia’s Koncar-Electric Vehicle Inc and Poland’s Modertrans Poznan Sp.zo.o.

Modertrans Poznan Sp.zo.o. offered to supply the tramcars for 12.6 mln euros.

The Croatian supplier has promised to provide six tramcars for 8.83 mln euros, including two tramcars equipped with a passenger counting system.

The purchase of the tramcars will be financed by EU funds and Liepajas Tramvajs.


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