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Klaipeda's outer port could cost up to EUR 1.1 bln – study

BC, Vilniaus, 01.08.2018.Print version
The cost of building an outer port in Lithuania's Klaipeda could range from 619 mln to 1.1 bln euros, according to its updated feasibility study.

Andrius Jarzemskis, head of Smart Continent LT, a consultancy which drafted the study, says the price will depend on the chosen location.

"Looking comprehensively, based on the cost-benefit ratio, the Melnrage option is almost twice as beneficial and more than 540 mln euros cheaper. Moreover, speaking of the Butinge version, it would be difficult to implement a project of that scale in this area. The Butinge alternative is just 550 meters away from the Lithuanian-Latvian border and is also within the Butinge geomorphological reserve, and that makes the development of this area even more complicated," Jarsemskis was quoted as saying in a statement.

Smart Continent LT specialists say it would cost 619 mln euros to build an outer port in Melnrage, compared to 1.163 bln euros near Butinge.

Following this study, the Port of Klaipeda plans to ask the government to recognize the outer port project as very important to Lithuania's economy.


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