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Airobot starts manufacture of smart ventilation devices in Tallinn

BC, Tallinn, 17.01.2018.Print version
The Tallinn-based company Airobot OU has begun the manufacture of a smart heat recovery ventilation unit developed by Estonian scientists, informs LETA/BNS.

Its manufacturing capacity at present is from 1,200-1,500 devices per year.


"Today we manufacture them in our lab-cum-manufacturing area in Tallinn. With our present capacity we are able to manufacture 1,200-1,500 pieces per year," Airobot OU board member Heiki Aulik told BNS.


The intelligent heat recovery ventilation unit is able to measure air pressure, air temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content and to make independent decisions. The device enables to maintain high indoor air quality without interference by humans and with low consumption of energy.


"As far as we know, there is no manufacture or product development of heat recovery ventilation units going on in Estonia. Of the countries near us, companies in Scandinavia are the strongest at it, but I haven't heard of any of them offering fully autonomous thinking devices," Aulik said.


Airobot devices have been designed for use in residential, public and commercial buildings alike. The devices to go into production first are suited for a ventilated area of up to 220 square meters, and the product offering is to expand shortly.


Airobot OU, an Estonian technology company, has been developing Airobot devices in collaboration with scientists from the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology since 2013.

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