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Balticovo plans to sell over one mln white eggs in Latvia this Easter

BC, Riga, 11.04.2017.Print version
The Latvian egg producer Balticovo is planning on selling over one mln white eggs in Latvia this Easter, the company's commercial director Toms Auskaps told LETA.

''We plan on having one mln white eggs on Latvian holiday tables this Easter,'' Auskaps said.

He added that even though Balticovo only produces brown eggs, together with its cooperation partners the company each year also offers white eggs to consumers during the Easter holidays.

Auskaps said that white eggs in Latvia are only in demand one time a year - during Easter.

He said that the white Easter eggs will be imported from cooperation partners in Finland.

In 2015, Balticovo generated EUR 45.9 mln in turnover, up 7% from 2014, when the company's turnover was EUR 42.8 mln, and showed a profit of EUR 5.6 mln at a more than double growth compared to the 2014 profit of EUR 2.15 mln.

Balticovo is 95-% owned by BCO, a company which belongs to several Latvian individuals.

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