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Online Round Tables materials’ collection is available at

Olga Pavuk, BC, Riga, 12.05.2016.Print version
For readers’ convenience, we have published online the set of Round Tables and seminars’ materials, which took place during 2010-15 at the Baltic International Academy (BIA).

These materials are available at the BC’s links in “Round Table” at The link and reference to „International roiund-tables’ materials during 2010-15” are seen at the upper right corner in our magazines title page. Readers just have to klick the banner to get to the materials’ content.

The materials of all six round tables -66 articles in Russian and English are seen below:

- Перспективы сотрудничества в рамках проекта Nordic-Baltic 8 (24.11.2010).

- “Nordic-Baltic -8” project: cooperation and perspectives (24 November 2010);

- Информационные технологии в управлении бизнесом: возможности и риски (27.04.2011).

- ICT in business management: opportunities & risks (27 April 2011);

- Рынок труда в Балтии и ЕС: закономерности и парадоксы. (07.12.2011)

- Labour market in the Baltic States and EU: main trends and paradocses (7 December 2011);

- Закончился ли кризис в Балтийских странах: желаемое и действительность. (25.04.2012)

- The Baltic States out of crisis: expectations and realities (25 April 2012);

- Способна ли пенсионная экономика поддерживать полную занятость? (15.05.2013)

- Canretirement economysupport full employment? (15 May 2013);

- СЭЗ и развитие регионов: уроки и перспективы. (20.05.2015)

- Free economic zones and regional development: lessons and perspectives (20 May 2015);

Experts from various socio-economic development spheres and science take part in Round Tables and seminars. As a rule, the round-tables’ participants are scientists and researchers, teachers and university students, as well as diplomats, entrepreneurs from the Baltic States and other EU countries.  

Round-tables collection materilas have been rewied by: 

- Tatyana Muravskaya, Dr. Oec., Prof. Latvian University, Riga.

- Andrei Blinov – Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Economics and Management dictsiplin Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow.

- Valery Roldugin, Dr. Oec., prof. Baltic International Academy

International Round-tables with scientific and practical issues have been organised since 2006 by the Baltic Course Magazine in cooperation with the Baltic International Academy, Diplomatic Economic Club (riga) and Latvian Employment Confederation.

20 Round Tables have been convened during 10 years; previous 14 round  tables’ collection materials in Russian and English for 2006-09 are also available online. 

Round Tables’ publication references:

Материалы международных научно-практических круглых столов-семинаров (2010—2015 гг.). Electronic collection. Redactors: Dr. Oec. Pavuk О. – Baltijas Starptautiskā Acadēmia/ Рига. 2015. ISBN 978-9984-47-109-9.

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