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Estonian railways keen to map out new transit chains with Port of Tallinn

BC, Tallinn, 27.01.2016.Print version
The state-owned railway infrastructure company Estonian Railways (Eesti Raudtee) intends to work closer together with the state-owned port company Port of Tallinn in the future to find new transit chains and make the movement of goods between the two companies better thought-out and more profitable, informs LETA.

The board chairman of Estonian Railways, Sulev Loo, told BNS that even though the port and the railway are working together already, there are some things that could be done better. "We are both part of the same chain. We should analyze the movement of goods together to understand who is directing their forces where and what the price of the transit chain will be in that case," he said.


Loo said that while now may goods move to the ports of Port of Tallinn by ship, better and more advantageous options could perhaps be found using the railway and vice versa. "We shouldn't be two totally separated companies, in planning our future strategy we should definitely combine our strengths more, since the final interest of our customers is that goods would move," Loo said.


Valdo Kalm, who was appointed chairman of the management board of the state-owned Port of Tallinn on Jan. 14, said at the time he regards substantially closer cooperation with Estonian transport companies, above all Estonian Railways, as a key aim in developing the company's freight carriage business.


"I'll single out a concrete objective right away. We aim to clearly step up cooperation with Estonian transport and logistics companies, in particular Estonian Railways, so as to develop the freight carriage business and raise competitiveness of the port," Kalm told BNS.

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