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With the Support of Rietumu, the Exhibition of Aleksandra Belcova Is Held

BC, Riga, 17.10.2019.Print version
An exhibition of the renowned Latvian artist Aleksandra Belcova has opened in the Latvian National Museum of Art. The exhibition is held with the support of Rietumu Bank’s Charity Fund.

The exposition presents paintings, graphic art and paintings on porcelain from the Baltars workshop. According to trustees of the exhibition, this is the biggest retrospective of works by Aleksandra Belcova, which demonstrates the versatility of her artistic legacy in full.

Aleksandra Belcova was born in Russia and received her first specialised education in Penza School of Arts, where she met young Latvian artists, including her future husband Romans Suta, in 1915. This meeting radically changed the views of the artist and contributed to her interest in modernism, thus determining her further artistic path.

Later Aleksandra Belcova moved to Petrograd, where she entered Petrograd State Free Art Workshop in 1918. But already in May of 1919 she accepted a proposal of Romans Suta to come to Riga, where a new stage in her life and art started. She joined Riga Graphic Artists Association and participated in their exhibitions.

Art experts of the museum state that her works, similarly to works of other young artists, contain elements of Cubistic stylisation. After 1925, features of art deco, the topical trend of that time, are seen, and from the 1930s an inclination to realistic image is manifested. Apart from paintings, Aleksandra Belcova created illustrations, graphic art works and paintings on porcelain.

Today Aleksandra Belcova is called one of the first artists of Latvian modernism. This exposition presents her works from vaults of different museums and private collections, providing an all-encompassing idea about her art.

The exhibition will be open until 12 January 2020.

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