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Rietumu Bank Keeps Supporting “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala” festival

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From 18 to 21 July, the international music festival from famous Latvian singer Laima Vaikule  “Laima Rendezvous Jurmala 2019” will be held in Jurmala. Traditionally, with the support of Rietumu Bank.

Laima’s Rendezvous, which has been held at the peak of the resort season in Dzintari Concert Hall for several years in succession, gathers together the most recognised popular music performers, favoured by spectators, from different parts of the world. 

This year, over 40 artists from more than a dozen countries will arrive  Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Cuba, etc. 

The festival always enjoys success with the public. Having started as a two-day event, from the second year it already became a four-day festival. Its organisers promise that this season, the fifth one, will become even more wide-scale than before, with a maximally saturated and interesting programme. 

In her interview to journalists, with the festival coming up, its founder and inspirer Laima Vaikule especially emphasised the variety of genres, live performances to live music, as well as a wonderful atmosphere, owing to which many recognised artists are gladly coming to Jurmala each and every year. 

Rietumu Bank has been providing support to the festival from the very start. 

“Laima’s festival is one of the remarkable events of our summer season, continuing the musical traditions of Jurmala. It increases the popularity of our resort and contributes to its development, thus having significant practical merit. But this festival also has an important human and personal aspect. It is Laima’s friends who come to her rendezvous, both those who perform on the stage and those who are present in the hall, who, like us, sincerely love Laima and value her talent highly,” said Chairperson of the Rietumu Charity Fund Inga Shina. 

“Laima Rendezvous Jurmala” is broadcast by several big TV channels in the Baltics, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Israel and Azerbaijan. 

More information about the festival can be found here

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