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E-commerce professionals from all over the world will arrive to eCom21 in Riga

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The international conference eCom21, to be held in Riga on 16-17 November, will gather several hundreds of e-commerce professionals from all over the world. Applications for participation in the forum have been already submitted by entrepreneurs from neighbouring countries - Estonia, Russia, Belarus - and from other regions, informed BC Eleonora Gailisha from Rietumu Bank.

This year, eCom21 also expects participants from the Netherlands, the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Malta, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. 

“The geography of our forum has always been broad, and with each year it is becoming even more varied,” said the Executive Director of eCom21 Ilya Shevchenko. “The authority of the conference and the interest in it are growing. And here, I am convinced, the key role is played by the focus on the benefit for the specific business. Boring speeches is not our profile; eCom21 always involves live communication, fierce disputes, exchange of opinions and business contacts. From the very start, we aimed for every participant to derive benefit from this forum, and our guests appreciate this approach very much. 

One of the specific features of eCom21 is that about a third of the participants attend the conference every year, and some entrepreneurs have been our regular guests for six years - from the very start of the forum. 

It is remarkable that this year registration for the conference is even more intensive than before. “The number of applications submitted last week is practically double the corresponding figure of last year. This, on the one hand, demonstrates that a number of entrepreneurs have included eCom21 into their day planner in advance. On the other hand, we see a tendency towards a growing number of guests, and now everything seems to suggest that, with regards to the number of participants, this conference will outpace the preceding ones,” forecasts Ilya Shevchenko. 

Speakers at eCom21 will be world-renowned experts, business sharks and top managers of popular services. As well as founders of medium-sized and even quite small projects in global terms, who have nevertheless, due to their knowledge, talents and technologies, managed to build a successful business, introduce advanced solutions, innovations and surpass many of their competitors. They will all share their experience with guests of the forum, talk about problems they have managed to solve, reply to questions and discuss topical trends of the industry. 

The central theme of the forum is formulated as “E-Commerce HD
2;: Homo Digitalis in High Definition”. The participants will discuss how understanding the needs and wishes of a specific human being helps to build and promote a business. They will also consider the best technologies to be applied for the implementation of such strategy. 

eCom21 is the largest international conference in the field of e-commerce in the Baltic states. It is held annually under the patronage of Rietumu Bank. It is regularly visited by hundreds of participants from the Baltic states, Central, Eastern and Western Europe, CIS countries, Asia and other regions of the world. Every year organisers of the conference invite heads of internationally recognised companies, e-commerce experts and business sharks. Rietumu eCom21 is a platform for discussions on topical issues of e-commerce and an opportunity to establish useful business ties. It is precisely this practical approach that is the visiting card of the conference. The conference is being held under the patronage of Rietumu Bank. 

The chief partner of the eCom21 conference this year is the international processing company 
DECTA . It provides a high-tech service for internet acquiring, processing and issuing of payment cards. It works with banks, payment service providers and corporate clients all over the world. The basic principle of the business philosophy of DECTA is an individual approach to the needs of every client and offer of the best solutions, which are continuously being improved in accordance with changes in the global payment industry. 

Further information on the programme of eCom21 is available on the website of the conference One can register for participation in the forum here. 

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