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Latvian insurers receive about 400 claims for car damages due to poor quality roads in 2019

BC, Riga, 20.02.2019.Print version
Insurers this year have received about 400 claims for damages to transport vehicles due to the poor quality of roads, the Latvian Association of Insurers reported.

"Information collected by the association suggest that from the beginning of this year until the middle of February, the number of claims received by insurers on damages to transport vehicles due to potholes or poor quality road has increased 2.5-3 times. At present about 400 such claims have been received, and their number keeps growing," the association said.

The majority of cases were reported in Riga and Pieriga (Marupe, Garkalne) – more than 70%. 

The association said that losses are still being estimated. The size of the damage varies from EUR 70 to EUR 1,500. Most often tires and discs are damaged, but also damages to the body and running gear have been reported.

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