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Ventspils Prosecutor dismisses charges against the Ventbunkers Management Board

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 03.08.2012.Print version
The Ventspils Prosecutor Nadezda Jakusonoka dismisses false charges against the legitimate Ventbunkers Management Board. Berkis’ puppet Dzintars Kass disgraces himself over the trumped-up charges, reports BC Ventbunkers/LNT representative Aivars Gobins.

The Ventspils prosecutor Nadezda Jakusonoka on July 24, 2012 dismissed alleged charges of intentionally concealing information from the tax authorities (Art. 217, Subsection 2 of the Criminal Code) against the legitimate Ventbunkers management board members Alvis Haze, Janis Haze and Mihhail Dementjevs, Thereby she rejected false accusations and established that their activities had no nature of offence in accordance with this clause, reports the press service of Ventbunkers/LNT.


An investigation against the legitimate Ventbunkers Management was initiated in March 2012 by the false “Berkis Management” of Ventbunkers with the Latvian Finance Police on the basis of misrepresented facts submitted by the false Ventbunkers Chairman, Dzintars Kass. It is loudly rumoured that a big brown envelope was involved and methods of doubtful legality were applied to “convince” the Finance Police to start an investigation. In late December 2011, Berkis and his puppets had reached a false registration in the Commercial Register by criminal methods based on falsified documents prepared by the master of falsified shareholders meetings, Martins Kveps. No doubt the same methods of doubtful legality were applied when the investigation was initiated.


The Ventspils Prosecutor Jakusonoka’s decision proves that Kass and his sponsor, the controversial and to the ruling party’s Unity “black funds” related Ventspils' millionaire Olafs Berkis, had spread false information about the legitimate Ventbunkers Management. False documents were used by Berkis and his accomplices to obtain a false registration of management positions in Ventbunkers to which they were never elected in a legal way. With exactly the same methods they continue deceiving media, courts and law enforcement institutions by spreading deliberately false information about the legitimate officials of Ventbunkers, told BC Aivars Gobins.


The Finance Police's inspector, I.Kuzmina, wrongly declared the legitimate Ventbunkers management as suspects and passed the misrepresented criminal case to the Ventspils' Prosecutor's Office in order to continue an investigation regarding a violation of Article 217, subsection 2 of the Criminal Code, namely, repeated concealment or falsification of financial information.


After examining the case materials presented by the Finance Police's inspector, the Ventspils Prosecutor made a decision rejecting the suspicion against the legitimate Ventbunkers management regarding Art 217, subsection 2. She concluded that “the pre-trial investigation carried out by I.Kuzmina didn't provide any evidence of a violation of this article.”


The Ventspils Prosecutor's decision states that “the investigation didn't provide any evidence that the Management Board had carried out any activities to hide the annual reports”, information which was maintained by Berkis and Kass who falsely pretended to be Ventbunkers representatives. After examining the materials of the preliminary investigation, the Prosecutor concluded that the Ventbunkers “Annual Report of 2010 was drawn up in June 2011 and submitted to the Management Board and auditors.”


This decision clearly confirms the information which was initially provided by the legitimate Ventbunkers Supervisory Board Chairman, Rudolf Meroni. He said that Berkis and Kass who had obtained a false registration of Management Positions with falsified documents, are directing unlawful activities against the legitimate management of Ventbunkers, all based on misrepresenting facts in order to distract the attention from their own criminal activities, Ventbunkers/LNT press service said.


Rudolf Meroni believes that the Ventspils Prosecutor's decision proves that Kass and Berkis' attempt to revenge with the help of deliberately misrepresented facts and false accusations against the legitimate Ventbunkers management has failed.


Besides, by falsifying documents and misrepresenting facts, Berkis and Kass have deceived the Finance Police about the current situation; as a result the State’s resources and taxpayers' money have been wasted. Instead of allowing the Finance Police to find out, for example, how the criminal schemes worked when Berkis' income was “optimized” by defrauding Ventbunkers from its legitimate income. The Ventspils Prosecutor's decision brings out also the question about inspector Kuzmina’s and her superior’s independency when the proceedings were commenced. There are loud rumors that methods of doubtful legality were applied.


As the Prosecutor's decision states, the legitimate management board’s activities are not punishable under Article 217 subsection 2. But she may continue the investigation under subsection 1, that is – repeated late submission of an annual report. There are valid and strong arguments why the submission was not possible. After a neutral examination of the facts, this absurd allegations will be dismissed. Rudolf Meroni hopes that common sense and justice will finally prevail, and the Finance Police's inspector Kuzmina will stop acting in favour of the false Ventbunkers Management with Berkis and Kass, and the case will be closed.


No doubt, Berkis and Kass realize that their false registration in the Register of Enterprises may not last forever. Ventbunkers reminds that on April 26, 2012, the Supreme Court Chamber of Civil Cases in the court session suspended the review of an appeal submitted by Ventbunkers shareholder Yelverton Investment B.V. The Supreme Court decided not to allow the lawyer Martins Kveps to act as a representative of Ventbunkers. The decision acknowledged that Venbunkers’ criminal seizure realized in some oligarchs' interests couldn’t be considered legal. The Ventbunkers Supervisory Board Chairman, Rudolf Meroni, emphasizes that people paid by Berkis' dubious and corruptive means, are misusing the Commercial Register, certain judges and law enforcement officers such as Martins Eglitis.

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