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Wholesale electricity prices rise across Baltics w-o-w - Elektrum Lietuva

BC, Vilnius, 11.11.2019.Print version
Wholesale electricity prices rose in all three Baltic countries last week, but Lithuania registered the lowest price in the region, Elektrum Lietuva said on Monday.

Week-on-week, the average electricity price rose by 7% in both Lithuania and Estonia, to 48.21 euros and 49.49 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), respectively, and went up by 6% to 48.64 euros in Latvia, the independent electricity supplier said in a press release.

Across the Nord Pool power exchange, the average price jumped by 17% to 45.41 euros.

The key factors that had the biggest impact on last week's prices included weather conditions, according to the company.  

"As a result of high atmospheric pressure, low temperatures and low wind speeds prevailed last week, causing lower wind power generation," it said. 

The three Baltic countries' total power consumption increased by 2% w-o-w to 554 gigawatt-hours (GWh).

The three countries' overall electricity production grew by 13% to 295 GWh, covering 53% of the region's needs.

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