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Free market electricity price for Estonia declines 2.3 pct on month in October

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The price of electricity in price area Estonia of the electricity exchange Nord Pool declined 2.3% month on month to 47.66 euros per megawatt-hour in October, informed LETA/BNS.

The price of electricity moved up in nearly all price areas of the Nordic electricity exchange Nord Pool in October, while Finland and the Baltic countries saw a price drop. The cheapest electricity across the Baltics and Finland was in Finland, while the highest was in Estonia, Estonian transmission system operator Elering said.

The greatest price drop was seen in price area Finland, where the market price of electricity declined 5% to 46.33 euros per megawatt-hour in October. In Latvia, the price of electricity declined 3.1% to 47.33 euros per megawatt-hour and the Lithuanian electricity price moved down 3.8% to 46.96 euros per megawatt-hour.

The free market price for price areas Estonia and Finland differed for 131 hours and the price for Estonia and Latvia for 85 hours last month. The monthly system price increased 12.7% to 37.1 euros per megawatt-hour.

International energy flows between Estonia and Finland last month were mostly directed towards Estonia.  The flow was in the direction from Finland to Estonia for 676 hours or 90.7% of the time and in the opposite direction for 67 hours or 9% of the time. The capacity made available to the market was utilized to the extent of 56.1% in the direction from Finland to Estonia and to the extent of 1% in the opposite direction.

There was no trade between the countries for 2 hours.

Energy flows between Estonia and Latvia were moving towards Latvia for 509 hours or 68.3% of the time and 33.6% of the capacity provided to the market was used up. In the direction of Estonia, power flows moved for 176 hours or 23.6% of the time and 15.6% of power was utilized. There was no trade between the two countries for 60 hours.

Elering earned a revenue of 1 mln euros from cross-border capacity distribution in October.

The carbon dioxide emission quotas, which influence the price of electricity production, fluctuated between 22.53 and 26.3 euros per ton in October.

Based on the last trading day transactions of last month's trading on the Nasdaq OMX futures market, the electricity price for November may reach 44.53 euros in Estonia, 46.95 euros in Finland and 50.25 euros in Latvia.

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