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Eesti Energia starts producing oil from scrap tires

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The state-owned energy group Eesti Energia started producing oil from end-of-life tires, the amount of which generated in Estonia each year is 12,000 tons, while the local factories are capable of using up to 260,000 tons of tires per year, informed company.

CEO of Eesti Energia Hando Sutter said that from the perspective of the oil shale industry, producing oil from scrap tires is an important step as it is a good example of how large-scale energy production, too, can be a part of the circular economy and contribute to solving environmental problems.

For now, Eesti Energia is focusing on producing oil from tires collected in Estonia, the amount of which generated each year is up to 12,000 tons. Enefit's oil factories are capable of using approximately 260,000 tons of tires per year, which allows for scrap tires collected from other states to be used as raw material in the future.

"The Ministry of the Environment was able to shoulder this effort by requesting a permission from the European Union to use tires in such a way," Estonian Minister of the Environment Rene Kokk said. The final integrated permit was granted to Eesti Energia by the Environment Agency at the end of May.

Sutter said that the oil shale industry is currently going through difficult times as businesses are faced with a number of challenges, such as reinstilling confidence into workers and gaining greater clarity in terms of the security of supply of Estonian electricity.

"There are several possible solutions to the situation, but this much is clear -- the oil shale industry must become a modern, large-scale energy producer that helps protect the environment and uses various sources of energy as fuel, both in its production of electricity as well as oil. Launching the production of oil from scrap tires is a part of that change," Sutter said.

Enefit's technology for the cogeneration of liquid fuel and electricity is unique in the world and also provides the most environmentally friendly and effective way to add value to oil shale. The technology allows for up to 10% of oil shale to be replaced with scrap tires and to use the two components to produce oil and electricity.

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