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Warm, dry weather pushes electricity prices up in Baltics – Elektrum Lietuva

BC, Vilniaus, 11.07.2018.Print version
Warm and dry weather in the Baltic states pushed electricity prices up last week, independent producer Elektrum Lietuva says, informs LETA/BNS.

In Estonia, power prices went up by almost a tenth and slightly smaller rises were recorded in Lithuania and Latvia. They grew 0.5% to 52.06 euros per MWh in Latvia and Lithuania and increased 9% to 51.30 euro euros per MWh in Estonia.

Power consumption was down 1.5% to 466 GWh in the Baltic states over a week, which was caused by a drop of 3.9% in demand in Lithuania to 206.4 GWh. Meanwhile, consumption grew 1% to 135.4 GWh and 0.1% to 124.6 GWh in Estonia and Latvia respectively.

The Baltic states upped power production 3.8% to 293.9 GWh last week. In Latvia, it grew 26.5% to 78.8 GWh and increased 1.9% to 174.1 GWh. Meanwhile, production dropped 18% to 41 GWh in Lithuania.


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