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Latvian president meets with Eustory representatives

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Latvian President Andris Berzins on Thursday met with organizers of the Eustory history competition from 22 European countries, including from Latvian History Teachers' Association, to discuss the results of Eustory work and the scope of historical matters it could address in the future, informs LETA.

Andris Berzins and the organizers of the Eustory history competition. Photo:

The Eustory representatives are visiting Riga to participate in the annual EUSTORY network meeting March 21 and 22. This year's Eustory theme is "1913/1914 - 2013/2014: European Neighbours in Times of War and Peace".


Berzins told the Eustory members that the meeting's theme this year was particularly important to Latvia: World War I was a great tragedy for Latvia and the entire Europe, but at the same time, a free Republic of Latvia was established after World War I. He also said this period in history should be further researched.


Eustory currently connects 22 civic organizations from 22 European countries. The mandate of Eustory is to view European history from the grass roots and to recognize the vast diversity of experience. Opposing the abuse of history as an ideological weapon, Eustory emphasizes the view of history as a workshop for intercultural understanding in Europe.

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