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Labour shortage in Estonia is starting to hurt economic development

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 12.07.2012.Print version
A poll organised by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research revealed that a third of managers of construction and manufacturing companies find that Estonia is suffering from a shortage of qualified labour, writes Postimees Online.

The head of the institute Marje Josing stated that the number of jobs created is currently higher than the number of jobs that are abolished and hence there is a shortage of trained specialists. This problem is most notable in the manufacturing industry and in the construction sector.

Managing director of construction mousse products manufacturer Krimelte Jaan Puusaag noted that in comparison with the crisis period, the number of job-seekers has clearly fallen and hence it is more difficult to find good workers. “Finding a suitable person for some positions could take up to six months,” he noted, referring to the position of a product manager for construction chemicals exports.

Employers note that labour force from abroad could relieve the qualified labour problem in certain areas, but it would not solve the shortcomings in Estonia’s education policy, Reported LETA.

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