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U.S. appreciates Lithuania's efforts supporting European Humanities University for Belarusians

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 20.06.2012.Print version
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis thanking Lithuania for its consistent dedication to ensuring the longevity of the European Humanities University (EHU), continued financial and political support of its educational mission, reports BC the MFA.

In the letter, the Secretary of State announced another U.S. three-year commitment pledging continued funding of this project.


"I would like to convey to you our appreciation for your nation's efforts to safeguard the availability of a quality education for Belarusian students through the EHU. We hope that the engagement of the United States will indeed encourage other donors to join our efforts to further EHU's progress towards self-sustainability", Clinton wrote in the letter.


According to her, the United States has long respected the opportunity EHU affords Belarusian students to attend a university that functions within the framework of a western liberal arts curriculum rather than the dictates of the Government of Belarus.


The U.S. Secretary of State wrote about her country's three-year commitment, totalling up to USD 1 million in institutional and program aid to EHU. The U.S. has provided USD 3.5 million in assistance to the Vilnius-based university since 2001. According to Clinton, the U.S. also collaborates with EHU on targeted programs that seek to promote democracy in Belarus.


Established in 1992 in Belarus, EHU came under pressure from Belarus's authoritarian government and was forced out to the capital of Lithuania in 2005. Currently, 1 800 students are enrolled in EHU, majority of whom are citizens of Belarus.


During the recent celebration of the 20th anniversary of EHU in Vilnius, Azubalis emphasized that support for this educational institution was the safest investment of the international community into a free, European and democratic future of the society of Belarus.

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