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The Rector’s Conference (ASEF) were held in Bucharest

Inna Stecenko, Vice Rector of R&D, Baltic International Academy, especially for BC, Buckarest/Riga, 20.05.2019.Print version
The Rector’s Conference (ASEF) and the Student’s Forum, which is the official dialogue partner at the meetings of the Ministers of Education of the member countries of the Asian European Forum (Asia-Europe Meeting, ASEM), were held in Bucharest on May 11-15, 2019.

The event was attended by over 150 university leaders, experts and politicians, as well as 51 students from 51 ASEM partner countries.


As is known, the goal of ASEM is the development of cooperation of the participating countries in the field of politics, security, financial and economic, socio-cultural spheres and transport.


The ASEM member countries are 51 countries, which account for 60% of world GDP and 68% of the world’s population lives in them.


The goal of the rector’s conference is to develop recommendations in the field of higher education on the sustainable development of countries until 2030.

These recommendations should become a universal call for all participating countries, since they are aimed at shaping a better future, not only for participating countries, but also for people living on Earth.


Among the recommendations made at the conference should be noted:

 ·        Incentivize and support education and research collaboration among universities and with other societal actors, at national and international levels;\

·        Develop research and knowledge-based policy agendas and informed decision-making in democratic societies;

·        Acknowledge and support the role of higher education in contributing to equity, inclusion and lifelong learning;

·        Support higher education internationalisation in line with the goals of the Agenda 2030.

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Dr.oec, prof.

Inna Stecenko,

Vice Rector of R&D,

Head of the doctoral programme „Regional Economy & Economic Policy”,

Baltic International Academy,

Riga, Latvia

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