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There are enough pupils for 130 secondary schools in Latvia

BC, Riga, 21.07.2017.Print version
The number of pupils in Latvia is sufficient for only 130 secondary schools, said researcher Janis Turlajs, presenting a study on the optimum school network in Latvia, reports LETA.

In school year 2016/2017, there are 313 general secondary schools and 22 evening and distance education schools in Latvia with a total of about 34,699 pupils which is by 24,000 pupils less than eight years ago.


The study concludes that the number of pupils is enough for 130 secondary schools, which means that at least 183 secondary schools should close down secondary classes. In Riga, for example, 40 secondary schools could be turned into elementary schools or primary schools.


Turlajs said that as a result of optimization there would remain just one secondary school or gymnasium on several municipal centers.


Also, it should be considered that the number of potential secondary school pupils might drop in favor of vocation schools.

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