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SIA Gelato Italia owner: Is this the way foreign investors are welcomed?

BC, Riga, 09.06.2017.Print version
Two days ago a delegate of the Latvian language office came to Gelato Italia. I got a fine for not speaking Latvian.

In my ice cream store all my employees speak Latvian. 
But someone pressed charges against me. 

During this last year I learnt lots of words with the clients and the girls who work with me. 
But unfortunately I can't speak.

Working from 12 or more hours per day, per 7 days a week , I don't have time to attend a course.

It has been almost 3 years since I'm here in Latvia.
2 years and a half since I live here.
I created a sia.
I opened a bank account.
I created my first ice cream store from scratches, working only with Latvian professionals.
I pay taxes.
My employees are well paid.

Now, I don't want to criticize the absurdity of this low, but why didn't someone warn me when I started?

I invested my (Italian) money in this country, and I was denounced like a criminal. 
Is this the way foreign investors are welcomed?

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