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Tighter rules for Russia haulers might reduce jams on Belarusian border

BC, Vilnius, 16.11.2018.Print version
Traffic jams on the Belarusian border might be reduced by tightening the rules for issuing freight transport permits for Russian haulers, Olegas Tarasovas of the Lithuanian national road carriers association LINAVA told the Lietuvos Rytas daily, referred LETA/BNS.

In his words, under the existing bilateral agreement, Lithuania issues Russia 170,000 permits a year to transport Russian freight via Lithuania. And the same number of permits is issued by Russia to Lithuanian haulers.

The latter, however, do not transport so much freight to Russia and thus the majority of the permits issued to Lithuania remain unused. "What if we issued Russian haulers the same number of permits we use?" the LINAVA representative considered.

He also believes that third-country haulers operating in European countries would be discouraged from going via Lithuania by higher fines for permit rules violations.

Tarasovas noted that trucks with Lithuanian plates make under a fifth of all trucks queuing on the Belarusian border, and the lines are formed by foreign haulers bringing goods from the East to Western countries, and transit to Kaliningrad makes a considerable part of the Russian freight transport.

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