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Estonia won't veto EU budget despite unacceptable developments

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 22.11.2012.Print version
Although the latest developments regarding direct subsidies to farmers are not acceptable for Estonia, Estonia doesn't intend to start fighting against the European Union budget plan at the budget talks, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

"No, there is no point in Estonia being against the budget plan," prime minister Andrus Ansip said while answering questions of MPs on Wednesday about whether Estonia intend to oppose the budget plan at the European Council meeting on Thursday.


"It is clear without saying that even those poor versions that the European Commission, the presiding state or Herman van Rompuy have offered farmers are much more beneficial for Estonian farmers than the current situation continuing," he said.


Ansip said that vetoing the budget is not in the interests of Estonian farmers.

"It is in the interests of our farmers though that direct subsidies volume was increased at least to the level of Romanian support and I do intend to stand for that at the Council meeting," he said.


Ansip said that the worst scenario for Estonia is that no agreement is reached on the budget.

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