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European Parliament votes in favor of Mobility Package

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Th European Parliament on Thursday voted in favor of the so-called Mobility Package which defines requirements for EU haulers and drivers taking cargo outside the borders of their country, the Parliament's press service said.

The reform's supporters say it is aimed at ensuring equal pay for all workers in Europe doing the same work. Eastern Europeans, including Lithuanians, however, say that Westerners want to push their haulers out of the market.

The package includes three pieces of legislation, including on posting of drivers, drivers’ rest times and better enforcement of cabotage rules. MEPs voted in favor of rules on drivers; pay and rest times, three-day cabotage operations and drivers' control.

The EP position on rules on posting of drivers was approved with 317 votes in favor, 302 against, and 14 abstentions.

The position on rules on drivers rest periods was approved with 394 votes in favor, 236 against, and 5 abstentions.

The position on amending rules on access to the occupation of road transport operator and road haulage market, setting out rules on cabotage and tackling letterbox companies was approved with 371 votes in favor, 251 against, and 13 abstentions.

The Parliament approved its position to negotiate with the Council on the final versions of these pieces of legislation.

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