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Vilnius in July becomes major literary destination

BC, Vilnius, 13.07.2012.Print version

Vilnius, Starting from the 15th of July Vilnius is hosting the 20th session of Summer Literary Seminars (SLS), a uniquely dynamic and innovative literary and cultural programme, founded in 1998 and operating in Europe, North America and Africa, Vilnius Convention said.

 For four weeks the North American and European students will be participating in creative-writing workshops of the highest caliber in the genres of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, as well as the photography and history classes. The seminars and lecture courses will be conducted by some of the leading US and Canadian writers, artists, and scholars.

 Vilnius has served as a source of inspiration, or been the safe haven and home to some of the major figures of Lithuanian, Russian, Slavic, Yiddish literature and culture and due to its mysteries, histories and fascinations, was chosen to host the internationally acclaimed writers' workshops for the third time. The Seminars bring together writers and students in an academic as well as relaxed environment.

 SLS is a Montreal-based non-profit cultural organization that facilitates the emergence of writers by giving them unique access to some of the world's most interesting and celebrated writers, reported ELTA/LETA.

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