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Exhibition of Lithuanian-Moldovan national sashes opened in Chisinau

BC, Vilnius, 29.06.2012.Print version

On June 26 in Chisinau, Lithuanian Ambassador to Moldova Violeta Motulaite opened a joint exhibition of Lithuanian and Moldovan national sashes at the Moldovan National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, reported BC Lithuania's MFA.


The exhibition features over 100 Lithuanian national sashes woven by Antanina Didzgalviene and Moldovan national sashes from the funds of the Museum.


According to the ambassador, patterns of national sashes reflect cultural differences and similarities of the Lithuanian and Moldovan people.


"This exhibition is an evidence of how alike and how different we are. National costumes of both our nations are unimaginable without sashes. On the other hand, colours and patterns were different," she said.


Visitors also had an opportunity to see the actual process of weaving Moldovan traditional sashes using authentic weaving looms and the Moldovan Stefan-Voda ensemble performed folk songs.


The opening of the exhibition of national sashes is one of the events that are launched by the Embassy of Lithuania in Chisinau this June to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Moldova.


Concerts and exhibitions reflecting the history of both nations and their ties are held. The Embassy of Lithuania also organizes a round-table discussion on the European integration and an event for Lithuanians who live in Moldova.


The Parliament of Moldova was the first in the world to recognize the independence of Lithuania on 31 May 1990. Lithuania and Moldova established diplomatic relations in July 1992.

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