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The Baltic Nature Photography Festival 2011

BC, Riga, 11.10.2011.Print version

3rd October was the last chance to present photos to the following contests: Baltic Nature Photography Contest and Baltic Farm Photography Contest. On the first Baltic Nature Photography Contest 114 photographers took part – 32  from Estonia, 51 from Latvia, 29 from Lithuania, 1 from the Netherlands and 1 from  Cypros. Altogether 975 photos were presented – 277 from Estonia, 448 from Latvia, 233  from Lithuania, 10 from the Netherlands and 7 from Cypros.


In October, the jury chooses 350 pictures that are going to take part in the final voting in Riga on 4th November. Every participant can watch the voting there. This kind of jury’s workstyle is a perfect opportunity for the participants to get feedback and hear the opinions of international judges. In the evening, all the photographers that took part in the nature photo contest, are welcomed to the first photographers‘ disco, which gives a good opportunity to communicate with the other photographers and with the jury in a relaxed environment.


On the first Baltic Farm Photography Contest, 145 photographers took part – 52 from Estonia, 65 from Latvia and 28 from Lithuania. Altogether 847 photos were presented – 287 from Estonia, 401 from Latvia, 159 from Lithuania.


In October the jury chooses the 25 best photos that take part in final voting in Riga, on 5th November. The jury’s work cannot be observed.


25 best pictures are used to put up an exhibition in each country. In Estonia, the exhibition is going to be put up into the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government Building, in Latvia, into the Ministry of Agriculture and the University of Agriculture, in Lithuania, into the University of Agriculture and the Government Building.


On 5th November, the first pan-Baltic Nature Photography Festival takes place. Performers are lecturers from across Europe, the main performer is the executive director of Wonders of Europe, Staffan Widstrand. The festival takes place in the rooms of cinema “Riga”. Everyone who buys the ticket before 20.10.2011 takes part in the drawing lots and is able to win reflex camera Nikon D7000 KIT 18-105.


The organisers organise the Tallinn-Riga-Tallinn and Vilnius-Riga-Vilnius transport. The two-way bus ticket is 5 euros.


In the evening of 5th November, an award ceremony is held, hosted by a stage and TV star Mart Sander. On a ceremonial dinner, the prizes of the both contests are give to the winners. All the participants in the Baltic Nature Photography Contest and the owners of the 25 best photos in the Baltic Farm Photography Contest are welcomed to the dinner.


The partners of the festival are Nikon, Epson, Estonian Farmers Federation, LAOCC, Latvian Farmers Parliament and Lithuanian Farmers‘ Union.


Additional information from the organisers:

Anne-Ly Mitt

phone: +372 6411 502

e-mail: annely@instituteofphotography.eu

MTÜ Institute of Photography

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