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The list of locations in Liepaja and Riga where people might have been exposed to Covid-19

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The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) has released a list of six public places in Liepaja and two locations in Riga where people who visited these places might have been exposed to Covid-19 and should therefore follow their health condition, and if needed, take Covid-19 tests, writes LETA.

This week, the CDC recorded three Covid-19 outbreaks linked to groups of friends who had been visiting certain public places and might have transmitted the virus onto more people than currently known. 

CDC representative Ilze Araja informed LETA that the center's specialists are urging people to pay close attention to their health condition if they have visited the Aqua Luna restaurant in Riga between June 27 and July 8, as well as the Kinki restaurant in Riga between June 28 to July 9. 

There have also been infection risks for people who on July 3 stayed in the Sport Hotel in Liepaja and visited the 7.linija restaurant on the same day, as well as the Darbnica cafe, Miezis&Ko pub, Delisnack cafe on July 4 and the Vejs cafe on July 5.

All the people who have visited these establishments on said dates are advised to monitor their health for 14 days of their visits to these locations and in case of symptoms like soar throat, cough or fever to phone their family physicians. 

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