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Latvia's largest known bat colony discovered in Kemeri National Park

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Researchers conducting a bat monitoring in Kemeri National Park last week discovered Latvia's largest known bat colony when they saw over 1,000 winged mammals flying out of a small wooden building in the park's territory, Maija Rena, a spokeswoman for the Nature Conservation Agency, informed LETA. 

Most of the bats from the colony were Nathusius' pipistrelle, one of the most commonplace bat species in Latvia living in various buildings. 

The bat monitoring, commissioned by the Nature Conservatio

n Agency, was conducted by Dabas Eksperti (Nature Experts) company. The company's representative, bat expert Gunars Petersons said that the bat colony in Kemeri National Park is a unique discovery in Latvia as the largest bat colonies found in Latvia so far included 200 to 400 females.

"In this case, it is  possible that some of the flying animals were young bats that had just acquired the ability to fly. The large number can be attributed to the conditions which in Kemeri National Park are very favorable to this species - there are many insect-rich water bodies there," Petersons said, adding that owners of the building have been informed about the find and will not start the planned renovation of the roof until the bats have left the building. 

A total of 16 bat species have been registered in Latvia, and all of them are protected both on the national and international level.


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