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Riga Circus relaunches Wonderers with an individual route for each spectator

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The Riga Circus in the capital of Latvia has relaunched in its repertoire the site-specific excursion performance Wonderers. This small-format show directed by Reinis Boters was co-produced by theatre artist company KVADRIFRONS and the Riga Circus in 2018 when nobody anticipated the global Covid-19 pandemic, however, its format is perfectly suited to the current distancing restrictions in Latvia.

The show takes up to 20 viewers, not in one room, but in the whole Riga Circus building, where each viewer takes an individual route accompanied by an audio guide – distanced from other visitors. In the Wonderers the audience explores different rooms in the circus building, hears audio stories and music, sees fragments of cinema chronicles, holograms, and meets actors in masks. 

In autumn 2020, the reconstruction of the majestic Riga Circus building is scheduled to start, and the building will not be available for visitors for several years. Therefore, this is a perfectly timed opportunity to see the circus still in its current form.

Riga Circus director Liene Perkone emphasizes that this show has become one of the first public cultural offerings to be viewed in Latvia today: 

“The performance Wonderers was created as a tribute to the 130-year-old circus building that has experienced different times and powers. This is not only one of the rare entertainments that can be combined with the restrictions enforced during the pandemic, but also a possibility of experiencing the historical charm of the circus for a few more months, as the reconstruction of the building is scheduled to begin this autumn. "

The first four restored shows in the circus were successfully held at the end of May.

Upcoming shows:

June 15 – 19

July 20 – 25

August 24 –28

September 7–11

ATTENTION! The minimum age to enter the performance is 14!

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