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Group of NATO battleships arrive in Baltic Sea

BC, Riga, 07.06.2019.Print version

At least 15 NATO warships, including USS Fort McHenry, a dock landing ship of the US Navy, entered the Baltic Sea on Thursday, according to the Interfax information reported LETA/BNS.

The NATO ships arrived through the Great Belt strait and the Kiel Canal.

From June 9 to 21 an international large-scale exercise, NATO Baltops 2019, is to be held in the Baltic Sea. The exercise will be conducted under the command of the newly reestablished Second Fleet of the US Navy from the command ship USS Mount Whitney, which has been sailing the Baltic Sea since May.

Altogether 18 NATO member states and alliance partners will take part in the exercise as well as 12,000 troops, 44 warships and 40 aircraft and helicopters. As part of the Baltops exercise, participants will rehearse amphibious operations and combating surface as well as submarine forces of a potential enemy near the Russian border.

One of NATO's naval maritime immediate reaction forces has been stationed in the Baltic Sea since April. The said force, standing NATO Maritime Group 1, consists of a guided missile destroyer, USS Gravely, carrying the Tomahawk land attack missiles, a frigate of the Royal Navy, HMS Westminster, as well as Spanish, Turkish and Polish frigates,

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