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Latvian youngsters from 11 countries to attend 2x2 World Latvian Youth Seminar

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Over 100 young Latvians from 11 countries will participate in the 2x2 World Latvian Youth Seminar in Latvia this year, said LETA the head of the seminar, Andris Grafs.

The seminar will be officially opened with a ceremony in the Riga Central Railway Station on Wednesday, July 11, but the seminar itself will be conducted in Zalenieki Manor in Jelgava region in southern Latvia.

The opening ceremony will feature a short documentary about the history of the 2x2 movement and the movement's role in strengthening the Latvian identity among the diaspora.

Latvia's former president Vaira Vike-Freiberga, who is the former participant of 2x2, and Latvian Culture Minister Dace Melbarde will deliver the opening remarks.

This will be the fifth time when the 2x2 seminar is held in Latvia. This year more than 100 young people from Latvia, the United States, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Estonia, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia and South Korea will participate in the seminar intended to strengthen their Latvian identity and to debate about modern Latvia, the future of the Latvian language and culture and the role of young people in this. For the participants, it is going to be an inspiring experience that will give them better understanding of their Latvian identity, new knowledge and new friends, said Grafs.

The 2x2 movement originated in the 1960s in the Latvian community in the U.S. but since 2015 the 2x2 youth seminars have been held in Latvia.

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