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Sweden Days in Latvian Roja

BC, Riga, 09.02.2018.Print version

On 13 February, a delegation from the Embassy of Sweden will visit Roja and Swedish cultural activities will take place. During the Sweden Day in Roja, the Ambassador of Sweden, Annika Jagander, will meet with Roja municipality representatives, visit the port of Roja and meet with students at Roja Secondary school. The Sweden Day also includes activities open to the public (entrance is free): At 16.30 the Ambassador will open the photo exhibition “AccessAbility” at Roja Culture Centre. 

“AccessAbility” is based on personal stories of fourteen people in Sweden and fourteen people in Latvia. The exhibition show their experiences and perspectives on life with a disability. The exhibition will be on display until March 12. At 18.00 at Roja Culture Centre, the Swedish movie “A Serious Game” will be screened. The movie is an adaptation of the Swedish author Hjalmar Söderberg's novel from 1912. It is a passionate love story about the choices we have, the ones we don’t, the choices we make and the consequences that follow. 

13 February is the so called Shrove Tuesday in Sweden. On this day, Swedes eat the traditional “semla” – a wheat flour bun, flavoured with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Visitors of the opening of “AccessAbility” will be able to taste the Swedish semla. 

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