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New Year's night brought no serious incidents for police in Estonia

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Head of operations at the North prefecture Urmet Tambre said that the night between December 31 and January 1 was busy for the Estonian police but added that there were no serious incidents, informs LETA/BNS.

The main issues that were dealt with involved alcohol consumption and the problems ensuing from that, which concerned conflicts between people. There were fights, the police officers helped the ambulance with intoxicated and aggressive people and victims of domestic violence also needed assistance. In addition, approximately 60 people woke up in drunk tanks in the first hours of the new year.

"One of the largest festivities that occurred was on Freedom Square in Tallinn, where we with large forces helped people spend New Year's Eve safely. I am glad to say that people did not try to access Freedom Square in cars and first and foremost took pedestrians and our suggestions into consideration. Estonia as a whole was calm everywhere and people rang in the new year joyfully and with consideration for others," Tambre said.

The police in the first few days of the new year will invest more resources in traffic safety as people still unfortunately sit behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. "It it sad to observe how many people silently accept drunk driving. Nearly one driver in ten checked in Tallinn early on Monday morning had consumed alcohol. Among those were also vehicles with fellow passengers in them -- family members or friends. We all have the right and responsibility of stopping people who have consumed alcohol from sitting behind the steering wheel of a car," Tambre said.

He said that people who did not hold a valid license to drive were also caught. "Unfortunately, early this morning we also received a call about a traffic accident in Jogeva County, where a car drove off the road and a 19-year-old young man who was diving the vehicle was taken to hospital in grave condition," he said.

The police conducted sobriety tests in the new year both in cities and on highways. The law enforcement officers are also checking adherence to speed limits. "All those who decide to drive after nightly festivities, be sure that you are sober. Driving after consuming alcohol is extremely irresponsible behavior, which endangers both yourself and others. Care about yourself and fellow road users, adhere to speed limits and take road conditions into consideration," Tambre said.


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