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Luxembourg's troops joining NATO battalion in Lithuania

BC, Vilnius, 17.07.2017.Print version

Luxembourg's troops are arriving in Lithuania on Monday to join the combat group of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence battalion stationed in Lithuania, informs LETA/BNS.

The team arriving in Lithuania includes about two dozen troops who will provide logistics support to the international military unit, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said.

Luxembourg's troops are bringing their logistics equipment to the Klaipeda seaport, including various modifications of transport trucks, a total of 10 units.

Troops of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway are currently serving in the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence team in Lithuania. The battalion's team in Lithuania is headed by German troops who also make the basis of the group.

In 2017–2018, the group will include troops from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia and France.

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