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Two Eyes film festival in Riga

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Two Eyes film festival wil take place in Riga, Albert Hotel, Star Lounge, Dzirnavu street 33 on June 12, 2014, informed the organizers.


Time: 19:00 – 21:00 and 21:30-23:30.


Be ready for festivity, for real awesome event – with watching high quality movies, meeting young talents from NFTS (National Film and TV School), learning about new routes in cinematography! If you want to know about film-industry more than average spectator, the event is fitted for you!


You’ll be able to see the very best of seven wonderful young directors like Kristina Yee (Miss Todd), Jamie Stone (Sky born, Orbit Ever After). Also Janis Skulme will online present latest findings in the world of visual effects in movie making. We will have a glimpse behind the staff doors at exhibition of technologies for cinema in Stuttgart "FMX 2014".


NFTS – at present most prestigious cinema school having more graduates with Oskar nominations and awards than any other, also widely known as a place where brand new forms of cinema-art, new means of expression, new visual effect techniques and technologies are born. Two Eyes Film Festival has been organized so that audience obtains a possibility to see latest achievements in the industry and to show them things what even experts still have just heard of.


Two Eyes program includes 7 shorts and animations as well as winner of Lielais Kristaps (Latvian award), Academy Award and Student’s Oskar nominee Janis Skulme presentation on latest global trends of visual effects and film technology exhibition FMX 2014. On the list of festival certainly are latest films by brightest rising NFTS star Jamie Stone (Sky Born & Orbit After Ever). Till now Jamie has been known with films like Flights and Fritz nominated for Scottish BAFTA.


Sky Born is a 2011 film made as a graduation work and innovative methods used by Jamie in this film have already made a turning point in the industry. You’ll also see Miss Todd nominated for Student’s Oskar which is made by Kristina Yee already possessing Academy Award. Three more directors will be presented but Two Eyes will reveal their names on the eve of event.


Two Eyes is as much modern as young festival. That is why Two Eyes takes interest in everything new and extreme in the industry and tries to find out most secret innovations not available to most and if existing somewhere on YouTube than behind 7 passwords. There are a couple of things Two Eyes have learned and is ready to share them with most inquisitive part of audience. And more than that, Two Eyes offers not only combination of highest quality pieces of cinema-art and relaxation but also possibility to meet their creators.


Do you belong to the club of modern and inquisitive cinema-art lovers, plan free night on June 12, 2014 and look for tickets here: http://www.bilesuserviss.lv/lat/concerts/?show=33674


Albert Hotel Star Lounge is not that large and ticket prices are democratic so places there will not remain unoccupied for long. Two Eyes is also on Facebook:


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