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Remains of 600 soldiers from World War II found in Riga

BC, Riga, 05.08.2008.Print version

The remains of approximately 600 soldiers from World War II have been found under a school playing field on Kartupelu Street in Riga's Pardaugava suburb, as LETA was informed by the head of the search unit "Legenda", Talis Esmits.


Esmits explained that members of the search unit have been working at the scene to exhume the bodies for already three days. It is thought that these soldiers died between 1944 and 1949. The soldiers fought on the German side and were captured as prisoners by the Soviet Army.


The soldiers found are of various ethnic groups – Latvians, Germans, Poles, Austrians, Slovaks, Belgians, French and even one soldiers from Tatarstan.


At the moment, the search unit has exhumed the remains of 168 soldiers. The names of all of the soldiers are known because of hospital records kept from that time.


After all the remains are exhumed, the bones of the soldiers will be buried at the German graveyard in the town of Pinki (Riga District). A special memorial plaque with all of the names of the soldiers will also be put up.


Esmits confirmed that the school playing field is currently been dug up, however, after all of the remains are exhumed, the playing field will be made level and grass will be replanted.

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