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Estonia has the highest spot among East European states in the competitiveness list

BC, Tallinn, 04.09.2013.Print version
Estonia has gained two places in the competitiveness top list of countries freshly published by the World Economic Forum and is on the 34th position, Äripä reports. Lithuania is placed 45th, while Latvia – 55th.

Estonia has the highest spot among East European states. The report points out Estonia's good education system, well-functioning and developed financial and goods markets and constant aspiration for raising technological abilities, a relatively well managed state and flexible labour market – in the latter Estonia is on the 12th position among 148 states.


This year’s report findings show that Switzerland tops the overall rankings in The Global Competitiveness Report for the fourth consecutive year. Singapore remains in second position with Finland, in third position, overtaking Sweden 4th). These and other Northern and Western European countries dominate the top 10 with the Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom respectively ranked 5th, 6th and 8th. The United States (7th), Hong Kong (9th) and Japan (10th) complete the top 10.



The Report emphasizes persisting competitiveness divides across and within regions, as short-termism and political deadlock continue to hold back the economic performance of many countries and regions. Looking forward, productivity improvements and private sector investment will be key to improving global economies at a time of heightened uncertainty about the global economic outlook.

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