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Dombrovskis urges ambassadors to concentrate on support for investments, exports, and Latvia's move to eurozone

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 30.07.2012.Print version
At a meeting with Latvian ambassadors today, Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) said that the ambassadors should concentrate on support for the economic development of Latvia by encouraging foreign investments in Latvia and Latvian companies' exports to other countries, as well as drumming up support for Latvia's accession to the euro area, State Chancellery informed LETA.

At the meeting with the ambassadors. Riga, 30.07.2012. Photo:

"Latvia's achievements in exiting the crisis and the goal of introducing the euro in 2014 prove that Latvia's economic stability has been restored and will be further consolidated. This is a very important advantage to investors and cooperation partners, which sets Latvia apart from many other countries in Europe. This must be made use of in foreign affairs in order to bring new investments to Latvia, help Latvian businessmen expand their businesses, including into new markets, thereby stimulating the economic development of Latvia and the well-being of Latvia's residents," stressed Dombrovskis.


Addressing Latvian ambassadors to the European Union member states, Dombrovskis urged them to do active work in order to ensure every EU country's, and especially eurozone members, support for Latvia's move to the euro.


"Production and exports have become the driving force behind the Latvian economy, therefore it is a duty for the embassies to support Latvian businessmen who are already represented, or are planning to enter, the particular country's market. It is especially important to ensure active cooperation between the Foreign Ministry's economic diplomats and the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA) in the countries where LIDA has offices," said the premier.


At the moment, the top priority of the government is solving the demographic problems of Latvia, where the diplomatic service plays an important role of maintaining contact with Latvian communities abroad, actively informing them about new opportunities offered in Latvia, including job opportunities, and providing support for the preservation of the Latvian language and culture.

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