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Latvia records EU's third highest share of foreign citizens in 2011

Gleb Vasiljev, BC, Riga, 12.07.2012.Print version
In 2011, 17 percent of the resident population in Latvia were foreign citizens, the third highest share across the European Union, according to data from the EU's statistical office Eurostat. 0.4 percent were citizens of other EU member states, the remaining 16.6 percent - citizens of non-EU countries.

According to Eurostat, the large number of non-EU foreign citizens in Latvia and Estonia was connected with citizens of former Soviet countries granted non-citizen statuses.

In Estonia, 15.7 percent of the resident population were foreign citizens in 2011, the fourth highest share in the EU. 1 percent were citizens of other EU member states, the rest - citizens of non-EU countries.

 In Lithuania, foreign citizens constituted 1 percent of the resident population, the third lowest share among EU member states.

The lowest share of foreign citizens was registered in Poland - 0.1 percent, the highest - in Luxembourg - 43.1 percent.

 Overall, there were 33.3 million foreign citizens resident in the EU-27 in 2011, 6.6 percent of the total population, reported LETA..

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