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Google: coronavirus has no major impact on Lithuanians' mobility

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The recently growing number of coronavirus cases has barely affected mobility of Lithuanian residents, with their movement having even grown in some directions, based on Google's publicly accessible human mobility data, cites LETA/BNS.

Only several places have seen their visitor numbers drop over the past month. For example, on August 11, compared to the base period of January3-February 6, shopping mall visits dropped 5% and went down by 9 percent on September 11.

Aleksandr Izgorodin, an economist from SME Finance, says the Google mobility data shows Lithuanian consumers' expectations remain very high.

"We can assume that at least for now a major increase in new COVID-19 infections in Lithuania has not significantly undermined consumers' expectations and has not had negative impact on residents' mobility," Izgorodin told BNS.

Although people are making rarer visits to shops due to the rising number of coronavirus cases, other places have seen visitor number grow. The economist also paid attention to the fact that the flow of people using various means of transport was still 4 percent lower in August, compared to the base period, but was already 7% higher on September 11.

"It means that residents could use public transport more actively or travel, for example, through airports," Izgorodin said.

If the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow, he says, the existing tendency could change as more people would work remotely again.

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