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33% Latvians use services of tour companies to organize their trips

BC, Riga, 25.06.2020.Print version
As many as 33% of Latvian residents use services of tour companies to organize their trips outside Latvia, writes LETA, according to the travel index data by Latvia Tours company.

Among them, 18% of travelers choose pre-planned trips and 15% bought a part of their trip from tourism organizers and organized a part of their trip themselves.

Residents mostly bought services of tour companies in order to feel safe, receive guarantee, comfort and responsibility from the organizer for the trip, mostly residents aged 64-75, and residents with higher income.

At the same time, two thirds of respondents, especially young people at the age of 25-34 with medium-low income tend to organize their trips by themselves. 

The latest poll was conducted in late 2019, surveying at least 1,000 respondents. The travel index is developed by Latvia Tours in cooperation with SKDS pollster.

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