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73% of Latvia`s residents believe that allocating more funding for healthcare should be a priority - survey

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73% of Latvia's residents believe that allocating more funding for healthcare should be a priority, Arnis Kaktins, head of the SKDS research center, said LETA upon presenting a survey of residents' satisfaction with access to healthcare services.

He explained that residents being interviewed were offered several different areas to choose from, such as science, environmental protection, rural development and others. 73% of respondents opted for healthcare when assessing which area should receive additional funding. Retirement pensions placed second with 37.3%, and education was the third with about 35%.

Kaktins also said that 92.9% of respondents indicated that the healthcare budget should be increased. Only 4.8% of respondents said that healthcare financing should not be raised.

Respondents were also asked to evaluate the availability of healthcare services, and almost half considered it to be poor. 14.1% of respondents consider the accessibility of healthcare services very poor, 31.4% - poor, and 42% - mediocre. Only 7.3% of respondents said that access to healthcare services was good and 2.7% said it was excellent.

Almost 78.9% of respondents mentioned long lines of patients as the most common obstacle limiting access to healthcare services. 72.3% said it was high prices for services, 58.6% - lack of medical staff, 30.6% - low quality of services, while 1.6% said they had not encountered any obstacles.

SKDS interviewed 1,016 randomly selected respondents ages 18 to 75 for the survey this past August.


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