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Number of children in Latvia has dropped by 4.3% in eight years

BC, Riga, 16.08.2019.Print version
There were 359,000 children in Latvia early this year, which is by 16,000 or 4.3% fewer than in 2010, according to te Central Statistical Bureau.

In early 2019, 18.7% of all Latvian residents had children up to the age of 17, including 185,000 boys and 174,000 girls.

In 2018, 27.2% of households in Latvia had children. 7.3% of these households were a couple with one child (7.5% in 2010), 5.3% were a couple with two children (4.3%), and 2% were a couple with three or more children (1.2%).

Since 2010, the share of one-person households has increased - from 29.3% to 34.9% in 2018. The share of couples without children rose from 16.5%  to 18.7%.

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