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Survey: 8% of Estonians engaged in platform work

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The so-called "gig economy" is attracting an increasing number of people -- in Estonia 8% of people regularly work via online platforms, it appears from a survey conducted into platform work in 13 European countries, writes LETA/BNS.

"Platform work is the type of worked managed via a digital platform and carried out in a virtual or physical environment. Online platforms for work mediation have spread quickly in Estonia -- ride sharing and delivery services have firmly planted themselves here; however, work is also mediated via platforms in translation and design services, childcare and housework," Johanna Vallistu, expert at the Foresight Center at the Estonian parliament, said.

While the so-called "gig economy" is generally not the main source of income for residents of Estonia, altogether 8 percent still work via a platform at least once a week and 20 percent of the working age population have undertaken platform work at least once.

The most popular work platforms in Estonia are Bolt, Uber, Wolt and GoWorkaBit.

Platform work is the only source of income for 4% of platform workers, while 24% of them earn half of their income or more in this way. 76% earn up to a half of their income through platform work.

Close to a half, or 49% of Estonian platform workers said that they have a full-time job while 7% work part time. 9% of platform workers in Estonia are self-employed, 3% are retired and 15% are students.

The results of the survey indicated that platform work is done most in central, eastern and southern Europe. Of the 13 countries surveyed, Estonia placed fifth. 

"The spread of platform work may indicate that workers' level of social protection may be uneven, and people increasingly prefer to take their own risks in relation to their working time, conditions and income. It often also means a significant increase in working hours," Vallistu said.

Platform work is most popular among young people, although it is done in all age groups. 39% of those doing work via a platform are aged 18-24 and 38% aged 25-34. 5% of those working via a platform weekly are aged 45-54 and 6% are aged 55-65.

The survey into platform work was conducted in cooperation of the Estonian Foresight Center, Foundation For European Progressive Studies (FEPS), University of Hertdfordshire, the UNI Europa services workers union and the British Ipsos MORI market research company. The countries surveyed included Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Spain, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, France and the United Kingdom. Altogether 2,000 people from Estonia aged 18-65 participated in the survey.

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