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Number of happy people has declined in Latvia

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The number of people considering themselves happy has been declining in Latvia lately, the Amigo Happiness Index survey, conducted for Latvia’s Amigo telecommunication company, shows, cites LETA.

At the end of last year, 60% of people in Latvia considered themselves happy. Their number had dropped by three percentage points from the same period a year ago when 63% of respondents in Latvia were feeling happy. Over the past two years the number of people considered themselves happy has dropped by 10 percentage points from 70%.

The survey also reveals that 84% of parents with children that have not reached adulthood feel happy, with one in five even describing themselves as very happy. At the same time, only 67% of people in childless families considered themselves happy, with 15% of them feeling very happy.

The share of people feeling happy in their family was 90% among young respondents and slightly more than 50% among people aged over 54.

The survey also showed that the share of happy men has dropped to its lowest point yet - 56%. Men who have families feel considerably happier (71%) than men who don’t.

The percentage of respondents unable to evaluate their level of happiness has been growing steeply, with one in five in the latest poll describing their sense of happiness as moderate.

The respondents considering themselves happy are mostly young people, married couples, people with higher education and respondents working in the public sector. The least happy are socially unprotected people – seniors and the unemployed. The total share of unhappy Latvians has grown somewhat over the year, to 9%.

SKDS pollster conducted the Amigo survey in December 2017, interviewing 1,003 people across Latvia.

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