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To ensure sustainable economic growth Latvia has to adapt its labor market to many challenges

BC, Riga, 29.11.2017.Print version
In order to ensure sustainable economic growth in the future, Latvia will have to adapt its labor market to many challenges, Evita Simsone, director of the State Employment Agency, said at a conference on current labor market challenges yesterday, cites LETA.

The head of the government agency said that demographic trends in Latvia suggested of the aging and shrinking of the population, with the number of working-age people dropping at an especially fast rate. The dwindling of the working-age population is giving rise to new challenges. To ensure economic growth and sustainable social policies, as well as to lengthen and improve the lives of people it is essential to enhance the quality of workplaces, improve people's skills and health and to reduce bias towards older employees, Simsone said.


The head of the State Employment Agency indicated that employers increasingly appreciate the professional experience and loyalty of employees that are more than 50 years old. To better integrate these people in the labor market, the State Employment Agency is implementing the European Social Fund's project supporting longer working lives. It is necessary to work with social partners, employers and trade unions to find the best ways to use the older workers' skills and experience, Simsone said.


"Solutions have to be sought together, combining ideas, possibilities and wishes, tackling issues in a complex manner," she said.


Simsone also noted that the labor market is changing very quickly, with many professions that used to be high in demand disappearing now. According to the EU's forecasts, by 2030 there will be new 35-40 professions that we do not know today. It is therefore vital to be prepared for this fast-changing situation, Simsone said.

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