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Household spending on consumer goods down in Lithuania, up in Latvia, Estonia in June

BC, Vilnius, 13.07.2017.Print version
Household spending on consumer goods declined in Lithuania in June 2017 compared with May, but increased in Latvia and Estonia, according to a household expenses index published by Baltic Market Insights (Baltmi), cites LETA/BNS.

Average household spending on food, drinks, non-food products, tobacco products, medical products, entertainment and fuel fell by 2.2% to 389.32 euros in Lithuania, but rose by 2.01% to 402.71 euros in Latvia and was up by 2.23% to 506.03 euros in Estonia.


The average amount of money spent per store visit increased by 2.9% to 11.73 euros, by 4.66% to 10.52 euros and by 4.71% to 15.15 euros, respectively.


The average household spending index does not include expenses for utilities and services.

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