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Latvia showed EU’s 2nd lowest naturalization rate in 2015

BC, Riga, 21.04.2017.Print version
Latvia showed the second lowest naturalization rate - the number of citizenships granted against the number of non-national citizens residing in the respective country - among EU member states in 2015, the latest Eurostat data shows.

Like the Czech Republic, Latvia granted citizenship to 0.6 of each 100 residents without Latvia’s citizenship in 2015. The figure was slightly lower in Estonia and Slovakia (0.5) and a bit higher in Austria (0.7) and Lithuania (0.8).

Meanwhile, the countries granting their citizenship most actively in 2015 included Sweden (6.7), Portugal (5.2), Poland (3,7), as well as Italy, the Netherlands and Finland (3.6 in each country).

In 2015, in the EU-28 as a whole, 2.4 per 100 non-national citizens were granted citizenship. All EU member states together granted citizenship to 841,246 people, of which 12% were citizens of other EU member states and 87 percent were citizens of non-EU countries or stateless persons.

Latvia granted citizenship to 1,897 people in 2017, of which 3% were citizens of other EU states and 97% were non-citizens or citizens of non-EU countries. Non-citizens accounted for 87.1% of all recipients of Latvian citizenship, Russian citizens for 3.7% and Ukrainian citizens for 1.7%.

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