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Travellers say ticket price is main criteria in choice of airline

BC, Riga, 16.02.2017.Print version
Flying has become one of the most popular means of travel throughout the world. An internet survey carried out by SmartLynx Airlines, the leading charter carrier in Latvia and Estonia, revealed that 74% of respondents use airline services for private trips, while one in four (26%) mostly travel for business. Respondents said that price is the main criterion in purchasing airline tickets.

58% of respondents revealed that, when purchasing tickets to a selected destination, price is the primary factor determining the choice of airline. Rather often (28% of cases) the duration of the flight is also taken into account. Meanwhile, according to the respondents the brand and punctuality of the airline are of lesser importance.

As regards the main benefit of air travel, half of the respondents named the wide variety of destinations providing the opportunity to quickly and conveniently travel to various places around the world. Often (31%) respondents also noted that the speed of travel is a significant benefit. Likewise, respondents also indicated that they appreciate souvenirs given to children on the flight, cleanliness of the cabin, as well as the availability of in-flight magazines to pass the time. In turn, when asked about recommended improvements, respondents mentioned more legroom. Taller passengers said they would be willing to pay up to an additional ten percent of the ticket price for such an option.  

“We have observed that flying is no longer merely a means of travelling. Passengers are increasingly appreciating in-flight customer service, and happily take advantage of the options available. Based on customer wishes and recommendations, we constantly try to provide our passengers with the best possible travel experience. And we are glad that our passengers appreciate our efforts: our customers have rated the friendliness and helpfulness of the SmartLynx staff at 9.2 on a scale of 10. Likewise, we are also happy that our customers have highly appreciated (with a score of 9.1) the competence and appearance of our staff,” Ilva Priedniece, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at SmartLynx Airlines, explains.

Nearly half (45%) of respondents stated that the helpfulness of the staff and their ability to solve problems is one of the main factors in air travel. Many respondents also noted that the friendliness of the staff is important, as well as a professional and proper appearance (21%). In turn, respondents attached less importance to the selection of food, drinks and other products. However, a large portion (34%) of respondents said that in 50% of cases they do purchase food and drinks in-flight. A fifth of respondents order something off the in-flight menu almost every time they fly, and only 14% never order.

As regards the often cited fear of flying, more than half (64%) of respondents bust the myth that flying is scary, saying that they feel safe and comfortable during their flights. Only 5% of respondents said that they are afraid of flying.

The survey involved 530 respondents flying on charter flights out of Riga and Tallinn to such destinations as Hurghada, Geneva, Bergen, Heraklion, Varna, Corfu, Antalya, Pereveza, Malaga and Santorini.


SmartLynx Airlines was founded in 1992 as a private airline and is the leading full-service ACMI (Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance) provider on Airbus 320 in the EU with its headquarters being located in Riga. Latvian and Estonian air carrier certificates have been granted to the airline. Being an EU airline, SmartLynx Airlines complies with international quality standards IOSA and EASA, as well as it has access to the free route airspace.

SmartLynx Airlines specialises in lease services of its Airbus A320 fleet, as well as ensures full charter operation for its home markets in Latvia and Estonia, predominantly in the leisure market. It also performs flight crew trainings.

Airline’s fleet consists of 12 Airbus A320 aircraft and 1 Airbus 321 aircraft that ensure flights in Europe, Asia and Africa. SmartLynx flight crew members represent 17 nationalities, and the average experience of captains is above 5300 block hours and first officers — above 1900 block hours.

Overall the number of passengers transported by SmartLynx is rapidly increasing with every year — in 2015 it reached 1.6 mln, and in 2016 – 1.9 mln. SmartLynx flight precision (On Time Performance) is constantly improving — in summer of 2016 this indicator reached 89% for all charter flights. Company is rapidly growing and in 2016 its turnover increased by 18%, reaching 109.4 mln EUR.

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